Terms and Conditions

Fiat Physica is a crowdfunding platform created to enable physics research groups, communicators, educators and innovators to raise funds and awareness for their projects.

These Terms of Use (The "Terms of Use") govern use of the website and services (the "Services") of Fiat Physica, Inc., which is registered as a Corporation in the State of Delaware and licensed to do business in the State of New York.

By using the Services, Users agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, all applicable laws and all conditions or policies referenced here (collectively, the "Terms"). Fiat Physica may amend the Terms at any time by posting a revised version of the Terms of Use. Access to or continued use of the Services after the effective date of the revised Terms constitutes your acceptance of the revised Terms.


In these Terms, we refer to those raising funds as “Campaign Leaders” and to their fundraising campaigns as "Campaigns." The project for which fundraising is occurring is referred to as the “Project”. We refer to those contributing funds as “Backers" and to the funds they contribute as "Donations." Campaign Leaders, Backers, Followers, and other visitors to Fiat Physica are referred to collectively as "Users."

Campaign Standards

Fiat Physica reviews all submitted campaigns for scientific legitimacy and reserves the right to decline any campaign submission on grounds of unsubstantiated scientific claims. Acceptable and unacceptable campaign types include (but are not limited to):

Acceptable campaigns:

  • Projects related to any Field of physics
    • Acoustics
    • Astronomy
    • Astrophysics
    • Atomic Physics
    • Biophysics
    • Chemical Physics
    • Computational Physics
    • Cosmology
    • Cryophysics
    • Crystallography
    • Electromagnetism
    • Electronics
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Geophysics
    • Mathematical Physics
    • Mechanics
    • Meteorology
    • Molecular Physics
    • Nanotechnology
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Optics
    • Particle Physics
    • Plasma Physics
    • Quantum Physics
    • Relativity
    • Statistical Mechanics
    • String Theory
    • Thermodynamics
  • Projects related to space exploration and advancement, private and public
  • Applied physics projects & technology development
  • Projects which fall under the Categories of Research, Education, Outreach, and Technology.
  • Campaign leaders can be researchers, communicators, or innovators from universities, laboratories, companies. Campaign leaders may also be qualified individuals not associated with universities, labs, or companies.
  • Projects with a specific deliverable: experiment, research article, book, course, show, class, outreach project, etc.

Unacceptable campaigns:

  • Any project which does not have a specific deliverable (“I’ll think hard about black holes”).
  • Projects about metaphysics, philosophy of science, alternative theories, quantum consciousness, pseudoscience, spirituality, religion.
  • Scientific conspiracy theories, such as why Einstein/Quantum Mechanics/the scientific establishment is wrong.
  • Projects unrelated to physics.
  • Projects which are offensive or violate anyone’s rights.

Submission of Campaign to Fiat Physica

The Campaign Leader will develop their campaign copy, images, video, reward descriptions, goal, and all other materials for their campaign, and set the duration for their Campaign. The Campaign Leader will enter all of this information in the campaign editor then submit all materials to Fiat Physica via the online submission form. Once received, Fiat Physica’s internal review committee will evaluate whether the campaign meets the criteria listed above for Acceptable campaigns and will either approve or decline the campaign, notifying the Campaign Leader of the reason for the decision. The Campaign Leader agrees that Fiat Physica has the sole right to approve or decline the campaign, and that all decisions of Fiat Physica are final and binding. If the campaign is approved, the Campaign Leader may begin the campaign at any time. If the campaign is declined, the Campaign Leader may revise the campaign and re-submit, or begin a new campaign. The approval or declination of a campaign does not affect the decision of any other campaign.


Fiat Physica provides a Preapproval option for prospective Campaign Leaders’ convenience. By submitting an abstract for preapproval, Campaign Leader may receive advance approval of a project for fundraising on Fiat Physica. Preapproval does not guarantee that a campaign will be accepted, if the campaign, once developed and submitted, fails to meet the acceptable campaign standards or violates any Terms of Use. Preapproval includes optional eligibility for sponsorship, which Fiat Physica will attempt to procure for the campaign prior to its launch, provided the preapproval is submitted at least 1 month prior to campaign launch. Fiat Physica does not guarantee sponsorship for any campaign, preapproved or otherwise.

Live Campaigns

Once the campaign is published, the Campaign leader may not edit rewards which have been claimed, nor can they edit Campaign Leader, Organization, Organization Type, Location, Funding Goal, Duration, or Funding Type.


It is the Campaign Leader’s responsibility to publicize their campaign through social media, email newsletters, social events, etc. Fiat Physica is a platform, not a public relations firm, agency, private fundraiser, or marketing agency. While Fiat Physica may occasionally post about select campaigns on their own social media channels,  it is not responsible or required to do so, nor guarantee or notify Campaign Leaders of frequency or content of such posts.


Campaign Leader is responsible for offering a range of rewards in exchange for donations. Rewards may be unlimited or limited in quantity, tangible or intangible. Tangible rewards may collect shipping, the cost of which must be included in the reward price. Rewards for different donation levels may not be identical, unless they are intended as limited editions or earlybird specials for a product or service, and once the campaign is published, rewards cannot be changed. New rewards may be added to a live campaign. Liability for all claims made regarding rewards rests with the Campaign Leader.

Reward Fulfillment

It is the sole responsibility of the Campaign Leader to fulfill rewards in a timely fashion and as outlined on the campaign,  and to make every effort to inform Backers if any change must be made to their reward. Fiat Physica is not liable for fulfillment of rewards or timely communication with backers during or after campaign. Backers may contact Campaign Leader’s designated Primary Contact information for any inquiries regarding the Campaign. Fiat Physica facilitates the creation of Campaign Agreements, which is the contract entered into through offer of rewards and purchase of rewards by users, however, Fiat Physica is not a party to them. Campaign Agreements are direct legal contracts between the Campaign Leader of a Campaign and the Users who pledge their support, or “Backers”.

Campaign Updates

Campaign Leader may post updates to their campaign. These updates are posted to the campaign page and emailed to Followers and Backers. Updates may be issued during and after a campaign has ended. Campaign Leaders are responsible for all content posted in updates and may not edit an update once it has been posted. Overuse of the update feature is strongly discouraged as it may be seen as spamming.

Flexible Funding vs All-or-Nothing

Fiat Physica offers two campaign types. Flexible Funding campaigns collect all donations received at end of campaign regardless of whether funding goal is met or not. Flexible Funding is ideal for campaigns where progress can be made on project without complete funding and rewards are not contingent upon reaching complete funding goal. All-or-Nothing campaigns only collect donations at end of campaign if funding goal is reached. All-or-Nothing campaigns are ideal in instances where the Campaign Leader would be unable to fulfill rewards or undertake any part of the project if goal is not met.

Payment Methods and Fee Structure

Donations to a campaign may be made only through the credit card processing system on Fiat Physica’s online website. Payment through any other methods, such as checks, are not accepted. Fiat Physica deducts a 5% administrative fee and Stripe secure payment gateway deducts a 2.9%+30¢ credit card processing fee on all donations received via the Fiat Physica website. This fee structure applies to both All-or-Nothing and Flexible Funding campaign types. Private, offline donations received by a Campaign Leader (those made outside of the Fiat Physica platform) cannot be applied toward the campaign’s funding goal on Fiat Physica. Campaign Leaders are encouraged to advise their private backers to donate via the website, so that their donations will be applied toward their funding goal.

Transfer of Funds

Prior to start of campaign, Campaign Leader is required to supply Fiat Physica with a valid bank and routing number or equivalent international bank account details, or Stripe account, for receipt of donation funds. If campaign type is All-or-Nothing and successfully meets its funding goal, or if campaign type is Flexible Funding, all donations, less fees, will be transferred via direct bank transfer or bank wire transfer to the Campaign Leader’s bank account after the conclusion of the campaign. If campaign type is All-or-Nothing and goal is not met, no donations will be processed and no funds will be transferred. Fiat Physica does not issue checks or wire transfers through third party transfer services such as Western Union for security purposes. Fees associated with the transfer of funds to an international bank account via bank wire transfer are the responsibility of the Campaign Leader. A $35 international bank transfer fee will be deducted from the total sum to be transferred.

Campaign Leader & Primary Contact

Campaign Leader is encouraged to complete their user profile and provide a photo, bio, and links to help Users make informed decisions about their donations. Campaign Leader must designate a Primary Contact email for their campaign, which Users may use to contact Campaign Leader with inquiries regarding the campaign. If Campaign Leader is with an organization, they may enter the name of this organization as the fundraising entity’s name. Fiat Physica is not liable for false, inaccurate, or unapproved claims made by Campaign Leaders about their organization.

Content Rights

Campaign Leader grants Fiat Physica the right to use their campaign, assets, likeness, and name in their promotional materials and on social media channels including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, printed materials, press releases, presentations, ads, and email newsletters. Fiat Physica is under no obligation to promote campaigns via these channels or media. Promotion by Fiat Physica is not a substitute for publicity or marketing efforts by Campaign Leader.


The Campaign Leader is responsible for communicating with and returning donations to Backers who cannot be issued their Reward as outlined due to Campaign Leader’s inability to fulfill them. at this time, refunds cannot be processed via the Fiat Physica website, and must be coordinated by the Campaign Leader and Backer. Stripe processing fees and Fiat Physica administrative fees cannot be recovered.

Third Parties and Copyright

Campaign Leader assumes all responsibility for any use or mention of third party names, logos, likenesses, or information in their campaign or associated materials. Campaign Leader is encouraged to secure written consent from third parties prior to use. Campaign Leader is responsible for securing rights to use all images and graphics posted on Fiat Physica for campaign use and is liable for any copyright violation claims. Campaign Leaders are encouraged to use assets they or their organization own.

Partner-Managed Campaigns

Partners are subject to all terms herein, and agreements with Partners are governed by separate contractual terms as agreed upon in Partner-Managed Campaign Memo of Understanding as signed by Fiat Physica and the Partner.


Visitors may use Fiat Physica without registering for an account. However, to use most of the Fiat Physica website’s functions, including making a donation to or launching a campaign, an account is required. When registering for an account, visitors must use their real first name, last name, and valid email address. Users found impersonating others or posting content that is offensive or violates anyone’s rights will result in deletion of account and being banned from the website. Violations of these terms, or any others in this agreement, may result in cancellation of the account and being banned from the website.

Users are responsible for all activity on their account, and must keep their password confidential. If a User discovers that someone has used their account without their permission, they should report it to support@fiatphysica.com.

Fiat Physica may terminate User’s account at any time if user is found to be in violation of any of the terms herein. All conditions in this agreement survive termination of an account, including our rights regarding any content Users have already submitted to the Fiat Physica website (for example, if you have launched a campaign, deleting your account will not remove the campaign from the Fiat Physica website).


By pledging to support a campaign, a User becomes a “Backer” of the campaign and accepts the conditions it contains. Backers agree that each pledge is a promise to make a payment to the Campaign Leader once the conditions for funding have been met. Backer’s card will be preauthorized but not charged til the end of the campaign - in the case of All-or-Nothing campaigns, only if the funding goal is met, and in the case of Flexible Funding, regardless of whether the goal has been met. Backers agree and understand that when they back a campaign, they are helping to create something new and this may entail obstacles along the way and even the eventual outcome may be completely unknown. Backer agrees and understands that there may be changes or delays, and it is possible that events beyond the Campaign Leader’s control prevent them from being able to finish the project as promised. Backers agree and understand this risk and accept that the Campaign Leader’s best efforts may not result in completion of the campaign as originally envisioned.


Fiat Physica maintains a blog containing original articles of interest to its Users. Once an article is published on the Fiat Physica blog it becomes the property of Fiat Physica, and may not be reproduced or published elsewhere without written consent from Fiat Physica. If you are interested in reposting Fiat Physica’s content elsewhere on the web, contact us at info@fiatphysica.com. While we welcome suggestions for future article topics, especially if they relate to current or future campaigns on our platform, we do not accept unsolicited User submissions.


Fiat Physica periodically sends email newsletter containing information about its campaigns, blog posts, events, and other materials which may be of interest to its Users. By signing up for a User Account, you agree to receive Fiat Physica’s newsletter. The mailing list includes individuals who have requested they be added, previous backers to campaigns, attendees at Fiat Physica events, or individuals who have otherwise expressed interest in using Fiat Physica’s services. Recipients of this newsletter may opt out at any time by following the appropriate link at the bottom of any newsletter, and following the instructions on the following screen. Once a User has unsubscribed, they will not receive any further newsletters unless they re-subscribe. Users will continue to receive updates from any campaigns they follow or have backed.

Online Guides or Advice

In order to assist Campaign Leaders to create successful crowdfunding campaigns, Fiat Physica may make available online written, video, or other forms of crowdfunding advice. This information is based on our knowledge of best crowdfunding practices and examples, Fiat Physica makes no promises regarding its accuracy or completeness, nor does it guarantee specific outcomes or results. The reproduction, modification, or sale of these materials is prohibited.

Intellectual Property and User Data

This agreement does not grant Users any rights to Fiat Physica’s trademarks, logos, domain names, or other brand features. The atom logomark, Fiat Physica wordmark, and official combinations therein, as well as the Make Physics Happen tag line are property of Fiat Physica, Inc. Alteration or modification of the name or logo in relation to Fiat Physica is not prohibited.


The services offered by Fiat Physica are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. Your use of our platform is at your own risk, and Fiat Physica makes no warranty that the Services will meet your requirements or be available on any uninterrupted, secure, or error-free basis, or operate at any particular speed. Fiat Physica is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, or legality of files, User posts, or any other information in or from any User account or campaign information uploaded or posted by Campaign Leaders. Fiat Physica is not held liable for any failure of the Services to store data, information, content, or files, the deletion of data, information, content, or files stored on the Services, or for the corruption of or loss of any data, information, content, or files stored on the Services.

Privacy Policy

In order for you to create an account on Fiat Physica and use our platform, we need to collect and process certain information. Depending on your use, this may include: personal Information (such as your name, email and postal addresses, telephone number, and country of residence) that you provide by completing forms on the Fiat Physica website, including when you register as a User of the Services, subscribe to our newsletters, upload or submit any material through the Fiat Physica website, or request information; Your login and password details, in connection with the account sign-in process; Information you include in your User profile; Details of any requests or transactions you make through the Services; Information about your activity on and interaction with the Fiat Physica website and Services, such as your IP address and the device or browser you use; Communications you send to us (for example, support requests, questions or comments, or reports of a problem); and Information that you submit to the Site in the form of comments, contributions to discussions, or messages to other Users.

Certain data will not be publicly displayed or revealed to other Users. Private data includes: Payment information; Password details; IP addresses; Phone numbers; and Communications you send to Fiat Physica directly (for example, support requests, questions or comments, or reports of a problem).

We never share or sell your personal information to third-party services, except as necessary to provide the Services (for example, with our payment processing and hosting partners).

Information We Share with Campaign Leaders

When a User backs a campaign, the Campaign Leader will receive that User’s first and last name, email address, the amount pledged, the reward selected, and the backers shipping address if the reward requires shipping. Campaign Leaders will never receive Backers’ credit card details or other payment information.

If you are a Backer, the Campaign Leader may send you a survey requesting information needed to provide Rewards or other communications (for example, they may need personalization details or your t-shirt size). Any information you provide in such surveys or otherwise include in your response will be received by the Campaign Leader.


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