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How Does it Work?
1. Create
List your campaign for free via our user-friendly DIY Campaign Creator.
2. Promote
Promote your campaign to your network and the public.
3. Update
Communicate with donors by using our update feature.
4. Get funds
At the end of your campaign, receive funds directly to your bank account.
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“Fiat Physica is breaking new ground with the crowdfunding of important, world-leading science.”
Dr. Roberto Trotta, Lecturer in Astrophysics, Imperial College, London
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Private Pre-Launch
Fiat Physica provides the option to collect donations privately for up to 10 days. Support from early contributors encourages further participation from the public, increasing a campaign’s chance of success.
Boosted Visibility
Your crowdfunding campaign is unique and needs to reach a specific audience. Unlike generic crowdfunding sites, Fiat Physica drives targeted traffic directly to your campaign to amplify your campaign’s reach.
Multiple Funding Options
Flexible Funding: Regardless of whether you meet your goal or not, these funds are for keeps.
All-or-nothing Funding: This creates a sense of urgency for donors. In order to collect funds, your campaign must reach its goal.
High Profile Company
Fiat Physica vets all campaigns for legitimacy via our approval process. You can rest assured that your project will live alongside the best.
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4 Ways to Create Your Campaign
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FREE! Create your own campaign with our user-friendly interface. Our user dashboard enables you to track donations,  see your stats, and send updates to your supporters.
Managed Campaign
Through a simple process, we help you craft a compelling campaign and provide guidance on how to promote a fundraising campaign.
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Campaign Boost
The Fiat Physica PR team will create a custom-crafted press outreach and promotion package to get your campaign in the public eye.
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Become a partner
Have lots of small projects that need funding in your community? Become a Fiat Physica partner and consolidate your fundraising efforts. 
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