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About Fiat Physica
What is Fiat Physica?
Fiat Physica is the premier crowdfunding platform solely devoted to the advancement of physics, astronomy, and space exploration. Founded in 2014 by theoretical physicist Dr. Mark G. Jackson, Fiat Physica provides a new avenue to raise funds and support for physics research, education, and technology.
How does Fiat Physica work?
Individuals and organizations create fundraising campaigns on Fiat Physica to collect donations and build awareness for their work. Science enthusiasts have the opportunity to get involved at the ground floor of discovery through campaign support.
Why should I use Fiat Physica instead of another crowdfunding website?
1) Private Pre-Launch: Campaigns that show 25-30% funding on Day 1 have better chances of success. Private Pre-Launch allows you to collect donations privately for up to 10 days before your campaign goes public. This gives your private network a chance to show their support, and your campaign launches with a vote of confidence in place. Participation encourages further participation!
2) High Profile Company: Fiat Physica vets all campaigns and accepts only those projects that meet internal campaign standards. Your project will be in good company alongside quality campaigns from other reputable organizations, individuals, institutes, and companies
3) Corporate & Foundation Sponsorship: Fiat Physica offers a unique advantage through its partnership with the Science Partnership Fund which seeks foundation and corporate sponsorship in the form of large donations and donation matching for approved campaigns.

Find out how you can get a sponsor for your project today.
4) Campaign management services: In addition to the DIY Campaign Editor, Fiat Physica offers three optional tiers of professional crowdfunding services.

ManagedCampaignCampaign - Fiat Physica helps you develop a compelling campaign

Campaign Boost - takes it to the next level by providing a custom-crafted press outreach and promotion package.

Partner-Managed Campaigns - if you have lots of small projects in your community that need funding, you can become a Fiat Physica partner and consolidate your efforts

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5) Engaged visitors: Fiat Physica caters to and attracts the scientific community and its avid supporters. Unlike generic crowdfunding sites, Fiat Physica drives targeted traffic directly to your campaign to amplify your campaign’s reach.
What kind of campaigns do you accept?
Acceptable campaigns:
  • Projects related to any Field of physics
    • Acoustics
    • Astronomy
    • Astrophysics
    • Atomic Physics
    • Biophysics
    • Chemical Physics
    • Computational Physics
    • Cosmology
    • Cryophysics
    • Crystallography
    • Electromagnetism
    • Electronics
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Geophysics
    • Mathematical Physics
    • Mechanics
    • Meteorology
    • Molecular Physics
    • Nanotechnology
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Optics
    • Particle Physics
    • Plasma Physics
    • Quantum Physics
    • Relativity
    • Space
    • Statistical Mechanics
    • String Theory
    • Thermodynamics
  • Projects related to space exploration and advancement, both private and public.
  • Applied physics projects & technology development.
  • Projects which fall under the categories of Research, Education, Outreach, and Technology.
  • Projects with a specific deliverable: experiment, research article, book, course, show, class, outreach project, etc.
  • Project leaders can be researchers, communicators, or innovators from universities, laboratories, or companies. %li Project leaders may also be qualified individuals without any of the preceding associations.

Unacceptable campaigns:
  • Projects that do not have a specific deliverable (e.g. “I’ll think hard about black holes”).
  • Projects pertaining to metaphysics, philosophy of science, alternative theories, quantum consciousness, pseudoscience, spirituality, religion.
  • Scientific conspiracy theories (e.g. Einstein/Quantum Mechanics/the scientific establishment is wrong).

Fiat Physica reserves the right to reject any campaign on grounds of legitimacy and/or violation of our Terms of Use.
Where is Fiat Physica available?
Fiat Physica is available in all countries that are supported by our credit card processor Stripe. You can view the list here.
What are the requirements for project leaders or donors based outside the US?
Your campaign must first make it through our approval process. If your campaign meets our requirements, you will need to provide us with your bank account information. This will allow funds to be transferred to you in accordance with the method of funding you have selected for your campaign.
Do you screen campaigns?
All campaigns are reviewed upon submission to ensure they meet Fiat Physica’s campaign guidelines. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email informing you of the status of your proposed campaign. If it has been approved, you will have the option to view and edit the campaign. If it has not been approved, you may choose to edit the campaign and resubmit it, or initiate an inquiry on behalf of the rejected campaign.
Crowdfunding Basics
What exactly is crowdfunding and how does it work?
Crowdfunding is a means of collecting public donations to support an effort in exchange for special access, goods, or incentives known as rewards.
If my organization or project is not well known, is crowdfunding a waste of time?
Small organizations and individuals are common in crowdfunding. However, developing an outreach strategy is essential to success. Seek partnerships in individuals and organizations that would wish to see your campaign succeed. In addition to your close network of friends, family, and colleagues, reach out to journalists, media connections, influencers, and celebrities. Professional organizations, networking groups, and companies may also wish to provide gifts-in-kind by way of publicity.
Can I run a campaign on more than one crowdfunding platform?
We recommend running one campaign on one platform at a time. Multiple campaigns on more than one platform confuses potential donors and shows a lack of organization and confidence on behalf of the project leader. Instead, invest time and effort into developing one strong campaign for a single platform. Quality over quantity is essential to success.
Can I crowdfund if I want to keep my not-yet-patented product or invention confidential?
Many patent-pending projects have crowdfunded successfully in the past. If your goal is to keep your idea confidential, crowdfunding may not be right for you. Project leaders must be willing and able to share some basic details their project, how it will impact others, and what they are doing to develop it. Potential donors like to know where their money is going and how it will be used. You do not, however, have to reveal the formulas and technological specifics. That level of detail is not required to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. That level of detail is not required to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.
If the campaign duration expires and was not successful, can I resurrect it at a later date, or will I have to create a new one?
You are welcome to run multiple campaigns for the same project at different times. However, each campaign must be created anew, and donations cannot rollover from one to the next, nor from one to another. We also strongly encourage you to evaluate the reasons that your first campaign was unsuccessful, so that you may take the steps necessary to correct and develop your campaign strategy.
Setting Up a Campaign
Who is the Campaign Leader?
The Campaign Leader is the entity responsible for the campaign.

We recognize that individuals who are passionate about physics may wish to use FP for both work and personal physics projects, and the Campaign Leader designation provides an easy way to separate them without needing multiple accounts.

If this is a personal project, and you are not representing a company, university, lab or other Organization, you will simply enter your full name in the Campaign Leader field of the DIY Campaign Editor.

If this project is representing an Organization, you will enter the name of the Organization* in the Campaign Leader field. (Eg. Jane Smith is a researcher at an institute and is fundraising for a project to be undertaken by the institute. This is not a personal side project. She would enter the name of the institute in the Campaign Leader field.)

*If you list an Organization as the Campaign Leader, make sure to have written consent from your Organization before launching. Falsely claiming to fundraise for an Organization—even if it’s someone you work for—could result in legal action by the Organization. The account holder is fully liable for any claims made regarding the Organization they represent.

The Campaign Leader designation can be separate from the Organizer role, which is simply the account holder who sets up and runs the campaign. This is useful if you have a team member setting up a campaign for your Organization - their name will only appear as the Organizer, not the fundraising entity (which is the Campaign Leader).
How do I set up a campaign?
There are two methods of launching a crowdfunding campaign on our platform:
1) Do-It-Yourself: Campaigns may be initiated through our DIY campaign editor. Online guides are available to assist you with this process, and you may save and preview at any step, as well as share a draft preview with collaborators. Once your campaign is ready for publication hit submit. Your campaign will be submitted for review, and if approved, will be posted online to begin raising funds.
2) ManagedCampaign: Upon selection of our ManagedCampaign option, Fiat Physica will send you a detailed questionnaire about your project. Our marketing team will use this information to craft the ideal campaign for you, which you may edit according to your preferences. Once finalized, we’ll post the campaign online and manage it for you. Services include: campaign development guidance and optimization, eligibility for campaign sponsorship (not guaranteed), campaign calendar with milestone reminders, feature placement on our website and newsletter, and copyediting assistance if requested.
What are the recommended dimensions for an uploadable campaign header?
All header images are 16:9 ratio. The smallest acceptable file size for the header is 800x450.
What file types do you accept? JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.
We accept standard file types: gif, png, and jpg.
I understand that videos are successful but a professional one can be time consuming and expensive. Do you have any low-cost recommendations?
An appealing campaign video can be produced via smartphone, provided that it is personal and conveys the vision and motive of the campaign. Simple video-editing software is available for free on the internet. iMovie comes pre-installed on Apple computers. Kindea Labs specializes in “whiteboard” videos for academic research projects, which can be produced at a significantly cheaper rate than with professional live-action filmography. While professional videographers can sometimes be expensive, you may be able to hire a student filmmaker who can could do it for a discounted or complimentary fee in exchange for recognition.
How is my campaign URL chosen?
Our platform automatically generates a URL based on the campaign title. This URL cannot be changed after you set your campaign title for the first time. If you change your Title in the future, the URL will remain the same. This is to prevent any broken links.
Can I forward my domain to my campaign page?
Yes, you can forward to your domain to your Fiat Physica campaign page. Do not enable masking, or it may not work. Consult your domain provider for information on how to do this.
Which categories and fields can I choose from?
Fiat Physica accepts campaigns under the following 4 categories:
  • Research: All things research, from experiment costs to hiring researchers to awards.
  • Education: Campaigns directly related to the educational system, such as courses, classes, clubs and businesses dedicated to educating individuals anywhere in the world.
  • Outreach: Projects related to science advocacy, community, media, books, and spreading awareness about physics, astronomy, or space.
  • Technology: Gadgets, apps, rockets, and gizmos. Projects past the research phase.
What if my campaign falls between multiple categories, can I choose more than one?
If your campaign falls between two Categories (ie. Research and Technology), choose the one that best fits your campaign’s end deliverable. A campaign raising funds to publish a book about research produces a book as its end deliverable, therefore the campaign belongs in Outreach, not Research.
What am I, as a campaign leader, expected to do once my project is funded?
You are expected to use funds in a manner consistent with what you have described on your campaign page. You are also responsible for fulfilling your promises and incentives to donors in exchange for their contributions. If you encounter unforeseen difficulties in completing your project, you are expected to update donors to keep them informed of these issues and when they can expect for those issues to be resolved.
Promoting Your Campaign
How do I know my campaign is getting enough exposure?
Your Campaign Dashboard on Fiat Physica displays traffic to your campaign’s page.To boost campaign visibility:
  • Reach out to your immediate network and encourage them to share your project with their networks.
  • Send email newsletters to friends and acquaintances.
  • Contact bloggers who may be interested in your type of project.
  • Utilize social media to attract interested parties.
  • Reach out to related press and media.
How does sponsorship work?
Sponsorships are coordinated through Science Partnership Fund (SPF), a non-profit organization that works in correlation with Fiat Physica to combine the efforts of public and private funding.

Before building a campaign, you have the option to submit a brief abstract to be considered for sponsorship in the form of donation matching or gifts from large companies or foundations.

Find out how you can get a sponsor for your project today.
Do you offer additional advertising? Can I pay for additional exposure?
We do not offer paid promotion on our website.
Do you have a "staff pick" or highlight certain campaigns?
We choose campaigns to feature on Fiat Physica social media channels and feature placements on around the website based on a number of undisclosed factors. Feature placement on Fiat Physica is not a substitute for promotion by Campaign Leaders.
How important is it to have a social media presence for my project?
Social media is an invaluable tool that can help you locate people by interest and connect with them on a large scale. We recommend investing in a professional social media manager who can optimize the frequency and content of your posts, craft strategic headlines, engage with users, and cross-post your content for best exposure and visibility. See also: Which social media platform is best for my crowdfunding campaign?
Which social media platform is best for my crowdfunding campaign?
  • Instagram: For campaigns with rich visuals (space, astronomy, rocket science, etc), Instagram is a great choice. Use pictures to attract people by utilizing related hashtags and adding text that explains the relation to your project. Start before your campaign launches, and build a following that can be appealed to once your campaign is published on Fiat Physica.
  • Twitter: This platform is where people talk about what’s is what’s happening NOW. For example, if your project involves building technology in a lab, snap pictures and post updates of your current progress. Twitter can also be used to generate a following around a specific interest. Follow, reply to, and favorite other people's’ content so they know you exist. Engage with others and they will engage with you!
  • Facebook: Utilize your immediate network by creating a page for you campaign and inviting your friends to follow it. Draw attention by sharing rich content - images, videos, and progress updates and relevant articles. Your goal should be to provide content that people want to share with their friends.
  • YouTube: This is the second largest social network on the planet. Focus on posting quality video content. Your videos should be tagged with relevant keywords and named so that they can be easily searched and found by interested parties. All videos should have links that lead to your campaign - in the description, in the video, and on the video in the form of clickable links.
  • Periscope: As opposed to the archived format of YouTube, Periscope presents video content live! We suggest using it in combination with other promotional efforts such as Facebook, Twitter, email and other channels where you have an active following - then promote your Periscope livestreams via those networks.
  • Snapchat: If you have exclusive or behind-the-scenes content that people would love to see, Snapchat is key. This platform hinges on fear of missing out (FOMO) to drive engagement, as the “snaps” disappear in seconds. Generate a following and use “snaps” to offer incentives, special perks, or sneak peeks.
Getting Donations
How do I set up my account to receive funds?
Once you submit a campaign to the queue, we will contact you to verify your bank account information before the campaign is published live on the site.
Why All-or-nothing funding? Does it actually work?
All-or-Nothing funding has two advantages:
1) A sense of urgency and high risk, which may help encourage donors to participate, (though this can often lead to a rush of donations at the last minute and much uncertainty.)**
2) The ability to offer rewards that are dependent on the campaign’s success. For example, an observatory building a new remote telescope access program may offer remote telescope time as a reward. This reward can only be fulfilled if the campaign goal is met - so All-or-Nothing funding is appropriate in this situation.
For All-or-Nothing funding, what if my goal is NEARLY met and I would like to accept the donations? Is there an option for me to do so?
If you would like to retain all donations for a campaign, regardless of the result, you should choose Flexible Funding. All-or-Nothing campaigns cannot be changed to Flexible funding, no matter how close to the goal they are.
When will I receive my money? Right after the campaign ends? Or is there a set number of days?
Donations are processed as soon as the campaign ends. Funds will be sent to the bank account on file within 7-10 days of the end of the campaign. If the campaign is an All-or-Nothing campaign which did not meet its goal, no funds will be sent. International bank accounts may take up to 2 weeks to receive funds.
Is non-US currency accepted? If so, how will it be received?
All amounts shown on our site are given in US dollars. Credit card transactions are processed via Stripe, which is available in these countries . If you make a donation from a foreign country, Stripe will automatically make the currency conversion and charge you the appropriate amount in your local currency.
What does it mean for a campaign to be crowd-matched?
Many of the campaigns feature a sponsor who is willing to match donations made by other individuals. This means that once half the money for a campaign is raised, the sponsor will contribute the other half, making the campaign fully funded.
Are the percentages for Flexible and All-or-Nothing funding the same or different? Will there be a fee for refunded contributions?
Fiat Physica’s platform fee of 5% and payment processing fee of 2.9%. are the same regardless of whether the campaign is Flexible or All-or-Nothing. Refunded contributions or donations from cards that could not be charged do not incur fees.
Are there additional fees for certain payment types?
Campaigns which do not have a bank account in the US will receive funds via international bank wire transfer, incurring a one-time fee of $35 at time of transfer, which will be deducted from the funds sent to the project leader.
If my campaign meets its goal early and I choose to end the campaign, when will the donors’ cards be charged?
You have the choice to end a campaign once it reaches its funding goal. Ending the campaign early prevents further donations from being accepted. It does not change the date when cards will be charged. Donors’ cards will be charged on the campaign end date, regardless of whether you choose to end the campaign early.
Backing a Campaign
When will my donation be charged to my account? Immediately? At a later date?
Your card will be charged within 24 hours of the campaign end date. For All-or-Nothing campaigns, if the goal was not met, no donation or fee will be charged.
Are my donations tax-deductible?
No, not at this time.
What information of mine does the campaign leader receive?
Campaign leaders receive your name, payment amount, and email address. If you’ve selected a reward that needs to be shipped, the project leader will receive this information for shipping purposes.
Why don’t I just make a donation to a University?
Universities take a large (roughly 30%) share as “overhead" for their fundraising efforts. They often retain donations for months or even years before transferring it to the research group.
Fiat Physica, retains only 8% for operating costs, and immediately transfers the remainder to the research group after the campaign is over. By donating through Fiat Physica, you can rest assured that the wealth of your donation is going directly to the research project.
How much of my donation goes to the campaign?
92% of your donation goes directly to support the project of your choice. The remaining 8% covers credit-card transaction fees if applicable (about 3%) and Fiat Physica's operating costs.
Will Fiat Physica refund money if a project is unable to fulfill its promises/incentives?
Fiat Physica screens all campaigns for scientific legitimacy. Once a campaign has ended we are not responsible for their use of funds or ability to deliver their promises/incentives, nor do we arbitrate disputes. If you believe a campaign’s leader has not fulfilled their promises, please let us know and we will take this into consideration if they wish to run another campaign on our platform in the future.
How do I know that the project leader will really do what they’ve promised? And how do I know this is legitimate?
Through our campaign approval process and campaign guidelines , we strive to maintain an honest and positive environment for our donors. However, if you feel that a campaign leader has broken our guidelines, please feel free to submit an inquiry . Our staff will investigate the matter, take the appropriate action if need be, and follow up with you after the matter has been resolved.
Do you monitor suspicious activity to make sure that campaign creators are being honest?
All campaigns are screened for scientific legitimacy. If we have reason to believe that an ongoing campaign’s leader has been disingenuous about any aspect of their campaign, we will terminate it and cancel any credit card pre-authorizations made to the campaign. Once a campaign finishes and we transfer funds to the leader, we do not monitor their activities. If you believe an ongoing campaign’s leader has been dishonest,please let us know . If warranted, we will investigate the matter and take the appropriate actions.
Is the site secure? Do you keep my credit card information?
We conduct credit card transactions with an SSL certificate for complete data security through third-party processor Stripe. We receive only your name, email, and payment in escrow. We do not store credit card information.
What do I get for my donation?
Unless you check the option to remain anonymous, your name, donation amount, and picture will be included on the campaign page unless you choose to remain anonymous. You will receive a letter from the campaign leader of the project thanking you for your donation. Any additional recognition will depend upon the campaign’s reward options.
How do I upload my image to appear in donor recognition?
At the checkout screen you'll be given several options: you may choose from several existing avatars, upload your own photo, or choose to remain anonymous.
Do I get any rights or equity in the research project for my donation?
No. All research and scientific credit remains with the project leader(s).
What are the most successful, low-cost, and effective reward types?
The most successful rewards are those which provide the donor with a unique experience - access, participation, exclusivity or recognition. Rewards such as visiting your laboratory, participating in the project, or recognizing them with naming rights are but a few examples of low-cost, effective reward options.
Does a reward have to be physically tangible? Can it be electronic or a good gesture?
A reward can be something as simple as social media shouts, digital images, recognition on your website, access to a newsletter. These have the advantage of not requiring the time or cost of physical shipping, which works especially well for campaigns running from a geographically distant region.
Is there a set time frame in which rewards need to be fulfilled?
Project leaders should provide an estimate of when the rewards will be fulfilled. If there are unforeseen difficulties which prevent this from happening, an update should be posted on the campaign page alerting donors of the issue. This will then automatically generate an email to all donors and followers of the campaign.
Can I change or cancel my campaign’s rewards if it’s live?
You may change or cancel the reward only if it has not yet been claimed by anyone. Once someone makes a donation to claim a reward, it is set, and you are required obligated to fulfill it. There are no rewards issued for an unsuccessful All-or-Nothing campaign.
Need Help With Your Campaign?
How can Fiat Physica help me create or manage a campaign?
Campaign Leaders supply Fiat Physica with campaign copy, images, and reward descriptions for the campaign page. Our marketing team will review and provide feedback on all submitted materials to craft a compelling campaign. Fiat Physica offers this plan for a monthly fee, which includes:

  • Campaign development guidance & optimization
  • Consultation on crowdfunding marketing
  • Eligibility for campaign sponsorship
  • Campaign calendar with milestone reminders
  • Feature placement on our website & newsletter

Campaign Leaders receive a draft of the campaign for final approval before it is published on

Most ManagedCampaigns are a 5 month engagement from start to finish (2-3 months campaign development, 1-3 months campaign duration). The minimum engagement is 3 months.

Contact us to get started with a dedicated Campaign Manager.
Campaign Boost
The Fiat Physica public relations team will create a custom-crafted press outreach and promotion package to drive the success of your campaign.

Contact us to boost your campaign with a custom PR solution.
Partner-Managed Campaign
Fiat Physica provides the unique opportunity for prominent science organizations to partner with a crowdfunding site. If you have a lot of small projects happening in your scientific community, a partnership provides the platform for you to publicize and organize these projects. Fiat Physica creates a dedicated aggregator page that contains information about your organization and promotes visibility of the associated projects as well as enabling you to be the point of contact for campaign leaders.

Contact us to set up your dedicated Partner page.
Who can use these campaign services?
All services are available to qualified campaign leaders who are interested in receiving additional help, guidance, and support for their project. To be eligible, leaders must agree to our Terms and Conditions .
If I use these services, is everything completely done for me?
Once published, campaigns availing themselves of these services function the same way that “DIY” campaigns do, in that they still require the campaign leader to provide regular updates and manage any rewards that are due to their contributors upon campaign completion.
Does Fiat Physica do press outreach or advertising for my campaign?
All campaign leaders grant Fiat Physica the right to use their campaign, assets, likeness, and name in their promotional materials and on social media channels including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, printed materials, press releases, presentations, ads, and email newsletters. However, Fiat Physica is under no obligation to promote campaigns via these channels or media (unless you’ve opted for the Campaign Boost package). Promotion by Fiat Physica is not a substitute for publicity or marketing efforts by campaign leaders.