Training Jordanian students in Fusion Energy

by Amro Bader
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To organize student exchange visits and/or training opportunities for Jordanian students at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics

  Education, Plasma Physics

* Introduction

Student exchange programs have life-changing impact on the students and improve their skills not only academically but also personally. Opportunities designed for college students to visit established research centers and institutes provide them with unmatched insight into the future and helps them in the planning processes of the next steps.

Such visits result in transformative impact building on the students’ curiosity and making them think globally and motivates them to strive further.

The Max-Planck Institute for Plasma physics in Garching, AKA IPP, is a member institute of both the Max Planck Society and Helmholtz association of German research centers, which represents the largest scientific body in Germany. The IPP was founded in 1960 by the German physicist and Nobel laureate Werner Heisenberg, who also acted as its first director. Currently, it's active areas of research include magnetic fusion plasma physics, fusion power plants technology and design, and space plasma physics. With +1,000 personnel, the IPP is considered one of the largest fusion research centers in Europe, and the largest institute in the Max Planck Society. IPP is additionally involved in active collaborations worldwide, including, among others, the Oak ridge and Los Alamos national laboratories, Princeton University, and the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT).

* Project goal:

To organize student exchange visits for Jordanian engineering students in their final years or master students to IPP and any of the other 80 autonomous research institutes within the Max-Planck Society. The students will be accompanied with staff or lecturer from their educational institute to help embed the learning outcomes in their home institution.

* Visit structure:

Tentatively the visit could be concluded in four days as follows:

- Day one
Arrival, check in and welcome dinner

- Day two
Visit Max-Planck Institute IPP, lunch, visit to another institute of the Max-Planck Society

- Day three
Visit Deutsch Museum, lunch, visit city center and dinner with German students/researchers to exchange impressions on the visit and network

- Day four
City center and departure

Permits to visit the various institutes and museums will be arranged by the proposal writer who will oversee the arrangements of the visit and accompany the delegation throughout the visit. Assistance for obtaining letters from the Max-Planck Institute IPP for the visa will also be provided.

* Criteria for participant selection:

-          Jordanian national

-          4th-  year undergrads, or masters students of a Jordanian university in the fields of engineering, physics, etc.

-          English speaking

-          Commitment to presenting the visit findings to colleagues at the university 

-          Approval letter from the student's department

* Project outcomes:

1.       Starting a long term professional connection between IPP and Jordan Universities

2.       Expanding Jordanian students' knowledge of the field and ongoing research

3.       Providing contacts and information for the participants on potential next steps in their careers

4.       Spreading the learning in Jordan through requiring participants to present their experience to their colleagues formally in coordination with their educational institute.

5.       German researchers and students' exposure to Jordan students.




  Budget Breakdown

Estimated budget per visitor (conservative numbers):

Visa application: 120 Jordanian Dinar

Return tickets: 450 Jordanian Dinar

Accommodation Allowance: 300 Jordanian Dinar for the three nights

Per diem: 50 Jordanian Dinar per day x 4 = 200 Jordanian Dinar, including transport

Total estimated budget per person: 1070 Jordanian Dinar (JOD) = 1,400 USD per participant.

  Risks and Challenges

The risks are mainly financial. It is imagined that at least 2 Jordanian students participate in the exchange program. Therefore enough financial assets shall be available for at least 3 people: two students and their accompanying mentor. 

Other risks include the possibility to be denounced from getting a VISA to visit Germany. This may be alleviated, however, by issuing invitation letters directly to the students provided by the Max Planck Institiute for Plasma Physics. 


Training Jordanian students in Fusion Energy

To organize student exchange visits and/or training opportunities for Jordanian students at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics