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Celebrating Science through the Arts.

  Education, Space

SciFest Dubai is the annual Dubai science festival with the aim of promoting STEAM Education and of celebrating science through the arts. The festival has been covered by the local and international press, including BBC World.

The 2017 Dubai Science Festival takes place from November 1-7 at the Mohammed bin Rashid University with Dubai Science Park as a strategic partner. Our knowledge partners are Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the UK National Space Academy.

SciFest Dubai is a non-profit and all the events are free to attend by the public. The chief guest this year is Dr Abdullah Al Karam (Director General at KHDA). The festival is supported by top scientist and renowned thinkers, including David Deutsch, Daniel Dennet, Lawrence Krauss, Steven Pinker, Vint Cerf, Jason Silva, Michael Shermer, Simon Singh, Aubrey de Grey and many more.

We're crowdfunding the festival to generate awareness about the importance of science and STEAM education among the community in general and within K-12 schools in particular. This project is about making science fun and bringing it into mainstream culture – away from classrooms and laboratories! The Science Festival itself is a non-profit. All the events are free and are run by committed, passionate individuals in the community who have a desire to make a difference.

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And if you have a few minutes, check out this AWESOME shout out to SciFest Dubai by Jason Silva host of Brain Games, NatGeo’s highest rated show in its history and founder of Shots of Awe

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The annual festival has been running for over three years with tremendous success. The 2014, 2015, and 2016 editions of the festival had a cumulative total of 300+ events; 40,000+ audience members and participants; 400,000+ social media followers.

In the past, our team has strategically brought the festival together with minimal funds and through sponsorship in kind agreements. All staff and content providers have come on board at minimal costs through volunteering, media/knowledge partnerships and venue sponsorship. With our crowdfunding campaign and funding goal, SciFest Dubai aims to expand to its next growth milestones.


  • Project Leader: SciFest Dubai (Non-profit)
  • Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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SciFest Dubai 2017

Celebrating Science through the Arts.