Printing the Future : Booklets for Kids' Outreach

by Astronomers Without Borders
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The Nalanda College Astronomical Society would like to provide take-home booklets to the outreach youth attendees.

  Outreach, Astronomy

Astronomers Without Borders is running a global fundraising project called the BIG (Big Impact Giving) Project. The aim of this program is to help organisations and clubs raise funds to help them achieve their astronomy-related goals. These are microfunding campaigns, where the value is limited to a maximum of $500 USD (plus fees and charges). For a lot of clubs a small amount of money can make a big difference.

The following is by Ashan Ariyawansa, who is senior member of the alumni association of the Nalanda College Astronomical Society and although he's not currently living in Sri Lanka, he works closely with the club in planning events and communicating astronomy knowledge to the Sri Lankan public. 

What we need?

We need funds to produce 1850 booklets for students to take home and inspire them to learn more about the night sky. The booklet will contain star charts and other related material.

Why we need it?

We need the booklets to give out at our many outreach events and to further inspire our attendees after they leave the star parties we hold.

Who are we?

The Nalanda College Astronomical Society has been doing at least two star parties for school students per month. We get requests from everywhere in the country and we have done more than 320 star parties, each having the participation of more than 250 students, over the years from the beginning of the club in 1995. We are glad to say that we have been able to teach kids in rural villages, in areas affected by the 30 year civil war, and belonging to minorities. Please feel free to look at this pdf to glimpse our contribution for the Sri Lankan community.

Starting from the beginning of 2017 we plan to distribute a booklet containing important astronomical data, Star maps and other related materials among the participating students in each star party. For the first stage, we plan to print 1850 booklets that will be sufficient for at least 10 star parties within next year. Each booklet costs 40 Rupees ($0.27) and the total cost for booklets would be $499.50. Being a non-profit organization, we are not in a position to raise that much money. We hope that you could help us to start a campaign and at the end make our effort a success.

  Budget Breakdown

1850 booklet x 40 Rupees ($0.27) = $499.50

Fiat Physica fees: $ 39.96

Total: $ 539.46

  Risks and Challenges

If we don't receive all the funds, we will use whatever we do raise to print and distribute as many as we can.


Printing the Future : Booklets for Kids' Outreach

The Nalanda College Astronomical Society would like to provide take-home booklets to the outreach youth attendees.