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One Earth Message is a unique opportunity for the people of the world to collaborate in creating an interstellar message.

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Let’s Send A Message To The Stars!

ONE EARTH MESSAGE is a unique opportunity for the people of the world to collaborate in creating an interstellar message. NASA has encouraged us to design this message for eventual upload onto the New Horizons spacecraft, now on its way to Pluto and beyond. Sometime in the next million years, an alien might find it, read the message, and remember the distant Earth.

People from every country will have the opportunity to submit photos and other content. Everyone will have the chance to view and vote online for the ones they think should be sent. It will be a global project that brings the people of the world together to speak as one. Who will speak for Earth? YOU WILL! So we are asking for your support to make it so.

Will you join us and be a part of this amazing journey to the stars?! There’s a long way to go and we can’t get there without you.

This is a Flexible Funding campaign, meaning that all funds pledged will go towards the project, even if the funding goal is not met.

We Did It Before!

In 1977, NASA sent messages with sounds and images from all over the world on golden records attached to the twin Voyager space-craft. That message illustrated the diversity of life here on Earth, and they acted as a time capsule that would help inform aliens, future humans, or whoever found them about life on our little planet.

Let’s Do It Again!

We want to collect images from people all over the planet and use them to form a new message to upload onto the New Horizons spacecraft. The New Horizons spacecraft launched January 10, 2006 and is fast approaching Pluto for a flyby in July 2015. (Photos below by Simon Bell ©)

As Seen In

What We Have Done Already

One Earth Message Project Director Jon Lomberg, Design Director for the original Golden Records, conceived the idea of this unique message in the summer of 2013. Lomberg assembled a distinguished international Advisory Board of well-known scientists, teachers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and people in many diverse disciplines, all of whom signed a letter requesting NASA adopt the proposal for a New Horizons Message. The group posted a petition online and within a few months obtained over 10,000 signatures from people in 140 nations. In January 2014 NASA responded with a letter encouraging Lomberg to proceed with the development of what was now called the One Earth Message. The team forged ahead on several fronts:

✓ Determining the technical needs for the formatting and uploading of the message.

✓ Developing relationships with partner institutions worldwide, including the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UC San Diego, which will act as the research base for the project.

✓ Working with the New Horizons Mission Outreach and Education staff to coordinate public and school programs.

The Goals We Want To Achieve

○ Create an Internet Platform to make our message in collaboration with all the people of Earth.

○ Spread the word of our project all across the globe.

○ Inspire acts of global creativity whose value will enrich the Earth, long after our message has been sent.

○ Determine the most efficient way to format and transmit our message to the New Horizons spacecraft out far beyond Pluto.

○ The First Step to make it happens is develop the Internet platform to receive and evaluate all submissions in many languages. We’ll also develop ways to program a message designed to be decoded by beings in the far future. 

Here’s Where We Need Your Help

✓ Participate on behalf of your planet in creating a message that will travel on a NASA spacecraft beyond the solar system to the stars.

✓ Help us decide what to say and how to say it. Make sure your favorite topic is considered for inclusion.

✓ Have the chance of having a picture of you or your family randomly selected for a “Family Portrait” of humanity made especially for the message!

✓ Help us decide what to send and what to say about our world to an intelligent alien being. Thinking about yourself and your world in this cosmic context will change your perspective forever. Once you contribute, you can truly claim to be a Citizen of the Galaxy.

Who We Are

One Earth Message Project Director Jon Lomberg was Carl Saganʼs Emmy Award winning Chief Artist on COSMOS, animation designer for the film CONTACT, Nuclear Winter, and many other projects. He was Design Director on the Voyager Record, working under Frank Drake, with whom he designed a portrait of Earth in photos and diagrams. He was Project Director for the Planetary Societyʼs Visions of Mars DVD, now on Mars aboard Phoenix. He also was co-designer of the Marsdials carried aboard 3 NASA rovers, for a total of four pieces now on Mars. For 20 years he made award-winning radio documentaries for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and he writes and blogs frequently about SETI and space issues. Near his home in Hawaii he created the Galaxy Garden, the worldʼs first large-scale explorable model of the Milky Way Galaxy realized as a 30m diameter flower garden.

We have 86 advisors from 26 countries. They includes scientists, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, communicators, and educators. Click on each to learn more about them, or click here to view the pdf brochure about the whole advisory board.

Supporting Institutions


Artwork By Jon Lomberg


Contact Artist Jon Lomberg painted this image for the cover of CONTACT, the novel by Carl Sagan. It shows the night side of Earth with the lights of the Americas visible, set against the backdrop of the Milky Way Galaxy. Jon Lomberg later went on to help design the space animation sequences for the hit movie, CONTACT. Photolithograph, 20" x 26". Available as a reward for the $750 pledge.


Portrait of the Milky Way Portrait of the Milky Way is the most accurate view of our galaxy ever painted. It was on display for fifteen years at the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum and is now part of their permanent collection of aviation and space art. Comes with detailed explanation and finder chart. Available as a reward for the $5,000 pledge.

Book And CD Club: Autographed Books By Advisors


For a $250 donation you receive an autographed book or CD by one of our advisors. Quantities are limited.

Opportunity Club: Skype Calls With Advisors

For a $1000 donation you have the opportunity for a personal 20 minute conversation by Skype or phone with the following One Earth Message advisors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? See our Frequently Asked Questions page! Translations are available by clicking on the flags below.

  Budget Breakdown

Our First Goal: Technology Development, $500,000

We’ll develop the Internet platform to crowd-source submissions from the people of Earth in many languages. We’ll develop new techniques to program a message designed to be recognized, decoded, and understood by beings in the far future.

Stretch Goals 

SECOND GOAL: Education and Communication, $880,000

We’ll send out a world-wide call for YOUR submissions, using social media, broadcast and online media, and word-of-mouth from friend to friend, across the planet. We’ll develop curriculum and create displays, exhibits, classroom materials for schools and museums encouraging global creativity worldwide, creating a self-portrait of the planet that is intergeneration, international, and even interspecies.

THIRD GOAL: Public Programs and Outreach, $1.4 million

We will team with leading educators to encourage and channel student interest with science and photography workshops and classroom-to-classroom message and STEM projects. We will also sponsor worldwide lectures, art and music projects, webinars, and other means to teach about the New Horizons Pluto mission and our special role in it.

FOURTH GOAL: Diversity and Inclusion, $2.0 million

We'll network the planet using advanced crowd-sourcing techniques to create the most diverse and inclusive message possible. We’ll even send expeditions to remote parts of the world where indigenous peoples are a living link to the earliest human cultures. What would they like to say to the people of the stars?

FIFTH GOAL: Global Summits and Library of Future Messages, $2.6 million

 We’ll sponsor regional summits in North and South-America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific where our Advisors can meet with the public and determine the areas of consensus and disagreement, and the final shape of the self-portrait humanity will send out beyond Pluto and to the stars. We’ll archive all the submissions received into a Library of Future Messages that can be examined by scholars and used in future interstellar message projects.

  Risks and Challenges

Due to the nature of this project, which is bigger and more complicated than the average project, there are more risks and challenges involved, and there are a few extra considerations in addition to those provided on Fiat Physica website. By making a pledge to One Earth Message Project, (OEMP) you agree to accept the risks as we’ve defined them below, and any other risks even if they are not explicitly stated here. In the future, we may have to request further information from Backers to enable delivery of the rewards; change the dates on which we estimate that the Project will be finished or we will be able to deliver rewards; or make other changes. OEMP will do its best to notify you of any such changes via, its website, and/or any an email address that you provide. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for pledge rewards will be resolved solely by OEMP.

One Earth Message will change the way people view themselves in the Cosmos, and we think that we’ve developed the right team for the job. We have the team to design, assemble, integrate and deliver the final message to NASA. Doing everything in one place helps reduce expenses. However we will need to do some of work to be outsourced, as well as traveling, as befits a worldwide project.

But space exploration is a risky business and there are no guarantees that the spacecraft will survive its dramatic plunge through the Pluto system. Or systems aboard the spacecraft might fail for many reasons and our message might not be received properly.

We are doing something that has never been done before, so there are unknown problems we may face in the creation and transmission of our message.

Our design may also be influenced by the process, and may change following the campaign based on input from people worldwide.

If you are reading this, we guess you are a person who knows there is a certain amount of risk all explorers take. We hope that you can accept the risks and step forward to help us in our goal.

We are taking every precaution to deliver products from pledges in a timely manner, as well as partnering with established fulfillment houses to ensure all of our physical goods are delivered. The time required to fulfill all pledges depends on several factors including the total number of pledges received. Pledges will be fulfilled in the order they are received, with certain higher pledge levels having priority over lower pledge levels. We estimate that in some situations it will take of over a year to fulfill all pledge rewards to backers of the campaign, so please be patient.

Obtaining Rewards-To obtain a reward a backer must be verified following the completion of a successful campaign. All rewards are subject to availability and restrictions may apply as to when rewards can be provided. In the event OEMP is unable to fulfill any reward for any reason, OEMP will offer the affected backer a fair substitution of the reward or will provide a full refund of the pledge amount upon request OEMP is not responsible for lost or stolen rewards. Backers are solely responsible for determining any tax liability arising out of rewards provided by OEMP. Backers are subject to and must comply with any additional terms, conditions and restrictions that may apply to specific rewards. Unless otherwise specified in writing in these terms and conditions or on the Fiat Physica page.

Certain rewards may be subject to minimum requirements regarding age or other factors. It is the backers sole responsibility to comply with all necessary requirements for the reward as described.

Backers agree to hold OEMP and its affiliates and subsidiaries harmless against any loss or liabilities arising from Backer’s participation in the One Earth Message Project’s campaign.

Everything regarding the One Earth Message Project including the web site and all rewards are provided “as is”.


  • Project Leader: One Earth Message (University)
  • Location: Hōnaunau, Honaunau-Napoopoo, HI, United States
  • Organizer:

    Jon Lomberg

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One Earth Message

One Earth Message is a unique opportunity for the people of the world to collaborate in creating an interstellar message.