Inspiring students to study science with Astronomy

by Astronomers Without Borders
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Inspiring the children of India to study science by visiting their schools with a solar telescope so they can see the beauty of our Sun

  Outreach, Astronomy

Astronomers Without Borders is running a global fundraising project called the BIG (Big Impact Giving) Project. The aim of this program is to help organisations and clubs raise funds to help them achieve their astronomy-related goals. These are microfunding campaigns, where the value is limited to a maximum of $500 USD (plus fees and charges). For a lot of clubs a small amount of money can make a big difference.

This campaign is supported by Woodland Hills Telescopes. 

Woodland Hills Telescopes

The following is by Anilkumar Kodali, who is very active in engaging school students in astronomy.

What we need:

We need a Coronado PST (Personal Solar Telescope) H-alpha telescope.

Why we need it:

We need a PST to show students the dynamic activity on the sun, such as sunspots, filaments and prominences. We have a white light solar filter for sunspots and the PST will show much more detail.

Sunspot observation
Sunspot observation using the solar filter

Who am I:


I am an avid astronomer and want to use my own interest to educate and inspire school students to study science.

For the past few years I have worked with both private and government schools and various colleges.

When students visit they participate in a number of activities using a variety of items donated by many helpful groups:
(1) Viewing sunspots through a telescope using a solar filter donated by Babak Sedehi of
(2) Viewing through a Galileoscope donated by Rick Fienberg and Steve Pompea.
(3) Using UV-beads to learn about UV radiation.
(4) Learning about light and color with the Light Blox Kit.
(5) Learning about optics with the Optics Suitcase donated by the University of Rochester.
(6) Using the Terrific Telescope Kit by Hands-On Optics donated by Spie.
(7) Learning about good lighting with the Quality Lighting Teaching Kit donated by SPIE.

Seeing the detail and phenomena on the Sun that the PST provides will be truly inspiring for the students.

Students Observing the Sun with solar glasses
Students observing the Sun with solar glasses


  Budget Breakdown

We are very luck to have Woodland Hills Telescopes supporting this campaign. They have generously agreed to give us a PST for $500, much less than retail price.

PST = $500 (Normally $699)

Fiat Physica fees and AWB Expenses = $100

Total =$600

  Risks and Challenges

The biggest challenge is getting a supplier for the PST - there are none in India. Fortunately, I have arranged with a former teacher who will be coming to India in August to bring the PST so we can acquire it in the US.


Inspiring students to study science with Astronomy

Inspiring the children of India to study science by visiting their schools with a solar telescope so they can see the beauty of our Sun