Help out AstroFest in Kosovo

by Astronomers Without Borders
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With three more telescopes, AstroFest can reach more people and bring the wonders of the night sky to small towns near Kosovo.

  Outreach, Astronomy

Astronomers Without Borders is running a global fundraising project called the BIG (Big Impact Giving) Project. The aim of this program is to help organisations and clubs raise funds to help them achieve their astronomy-related goals. These are microfunding campaigns, where the value is limited to a maximum of $500 USD (plus fees and charges). For a lot of clubs a small amount of money can make a big difference.

The following is by Mustafë Shigjeqi, organizer of AstroFest.

What We Need?
We need 3 OneSky Telescopes.

Why we need it:
We need to organize the festival of astronomy AstroFest, to promote astronomy to students and ordinary people who attend the festival. Except the festival, every second month AstroFest organizes small events in town’s squares for citizens to watch the planets and stars, aiming to increase the curiosity among young population for astronomy and science.


Who we are:
AstroFest is a festival dedicated to astronomy. Its aim is to promote the science through astronomy among all population. Yet target groups are youngsters (age 12-18) and students and young adults (age 19-25). As a festival it is organized once a year as a big event. For 6 days (3 days in urban settlement and 3 days in camping-high mountains). In urban settlement AstroFest is visited by approx. 20 thousand people, whereas at camp approx. 150 people participates. The festival is usually organized in last week of August.

  Budget Breakdown

$315 - 3 OneSky Telescopes (AWB cost price)

+ $25 (AWB expenses and Fiat Physica fees (8%))

=$340 Total

This campaign will be run on 'flexible funding', so for every $105 raised we will be sending a One Sky Telescope to Kosovo, if we raise part of $105, this will be used to send other astronomy supplies such as solar glasses and spectroscopes.

  Risks and Challenges

Without these telescopes, StarFest couldn't grow to the size that we would like. 


  • Project Leader: Astronomers Without Borders (Non-profit)
  • Location: California, United States
  • Organizer:

    Zoe Chee

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Help out AstroFest in Kosovo

With three more telescopes, AstroFest can reach more people and bring the wonders of the night sky to small towns near Kosovo.