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by Fuziona Obrazovna Mreza
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By teaching, training and upskilling physics and engineering students, we are filling a gap in nuclear fusion R&D in Serbia and the region.

  Education, Plasma Physics

Taming the Sun

Nuclear fusion is the only energy source that can meet the growing demands in the energy supply, while maintaining the ecological balance on the planet.

Although the principle of obtaining large amounts of energy by merging atomic nuclei in the stars has been described a long time ago, the development of technologies that would tame the Sun on Earth turned out to be the most complex challenge that scientists and engineers have ever encounter. In addition to its complexity, this project is extremely expensive thus, for the first time in the history of science, fusion brought together experts from 35 countries to work closely together. At the same time, the new batch of engineers and scientists in Serbia do not have the opportunity to learn about fusion at their universities. Fusion Days@BG aims to change that. 

How is our event contributing?

The primary objective of the project is to evoke the interest in fusion among the student population and inform, train and upskill the new generation of scientists and engineers on the importance of fusion as the future energy source.

The progress of science and technology has long been based on international cooperation, and in the following period the integration of Serbia in the scientific and engineering developments of the EU is imminent. Therefore it is necessary to invest in education and training of young, competent staff that is ready to face the challenges of the fusion technology development.

Fusion Days@BG is the starting point in this matter as our event is informing the participants about the importance and extensiveness of fusion, providing them with the basic knowledge on scientific and technological principles in this area, and creating an opportunity to gain practical experience in fusion experiments and efficient data analysis with the modern software packages. 

In addition to gaining basic knowledge about fusion, the goal is to underline the multi- and interdisciplinarity of this broad field and how it integrates skills and knowledge from both natural and technical sciences.

The secondary objective of the event is to reach out to the public with accurate and precise information about fusion.

Lectures to bring you up-to-speed

The event Fusion Days@BG is a two-folded. Over a series of lectures, during the first three days, prominent experts in this field from leading European institutes and universities will present the most important scientific and technological aspects of fusion research. Curriculum includes 12 lectures, enclosing everything from the principles of plasma physics, mechanisms of plasma heating in a reactor, high-temperature plasma diagnostics, engineering principles for a reactor and the design of materials to meet the conditions in fusion reactors.

This part of the Fusion Days@BG is open to everyone interested in learning about fusion.

Photo of Wendelstein-7X addapted from IPP by C. Bickel/ Science

Experiments on the GOLEM tokamak - an unique experience for every student

The event will culminate with a two-day practical training. 25 students, selected evenly from the relevant faculties based on a cover letter and a resume, will independently remotely control the GOLEM tokamak located at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

After the experiments, students will choose a themed task and learn how to process the data from diagnostic tools used in fusion research on this particular device. They will finish with a report on the task and will be evaluated by the tutors assigned for each topic. The 2 autors of the best reports will attend a two-week training on the tokamak COMPASS at the Institute for Plasma Physics in Prague.

About FOM

The organizer of Fusion Days@BG is the non-profit organisation called Fuziona Obrazovna Mreza - FOM, that translates from Serbian to Fusion Education Network. The organisation is founded and ran by five Ph.D. students in fusion related areas, alumni of the European Master of Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics.

The main goal of our organisation is to evoke the interest in nuclear fusion among the student population in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. For more information about the organisation and our other activities regarding the promotion of nuclear fusion, you are always welcome to visit our website, via the following link.

 (Feature Image - ITER layout © ITER Organisation)

  Budget Breakdown

Preparation and printing of booklets for the experimental session will cost us around $4 per student = $100 for 25 students attendees of this part of the event.

The event promo is a large remaining part of our project.
We include here:
website maintenance -- $200,
promo video -- $100,
facebook campaign -- $100,
printed promo-material (200 flyers and 20 posters) -- $150.

Hand-out material for all participants of the lecturing part are expected to be $1.5 per package (notebook, pencil, &c) = $150 for 100 participants

mobile (andorid/ios) application for the event navigation -- $200,
Catering (coffee, refreshments and snacks) during the breaks -- $400

Finally, for the risk mitigation --  $100

Additional $120 are for the Fiat Physica campain fees

  Risks and Challenges

Major milestones of the project have already been reached - we have booked a lecture hall and the computer room for the experimental session; the majority of the lecturers have approved their participation together with the invited PhD students and researches that will be the tutors during the experiments.

The biggest challenge that awaits us is to carry out the promo campaign the best way possible in order to reach as many students as possible and get the general public interested in the lectures.

FOM organisation has already organized 2 events of this sort in the past 2 years. We encountered challenges along the way, mainly due to the lack of funds, nevertheless we have always had more students applying that we planned. The success of our events is guaranteed since so far we always have had great support from fusion institutions around Europe.
Even though this is the first time we rely on the crowdfunding to help us with our mission, the previous event held in Novi Sad was financed entirely by the founders of the FOM organisation.

We would like to emphasise that every additional funds that overshoot the limit noted in the request here will be used for funding of the future events of this sort that FOM will organise and the other activities that are aligned with the goals of our organisation.   


  • Project Leader: Fuziona Obrazovna Mreza (Non-profit)
  • Location: Serbia, Belgrade
  • Organizer:

    Ana Kostic

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Fusion Days@BG

By teaching, training and upskilling physics and engineering students, we are filling a gap in nuclear fusion R&D in Serbia and the region.