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by Societe Haitienne d'Astronomie
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Launching and financing the first ever astronomy magazine in Haiti: "Haiti Astronomie"

  Education, Astronomy

Haiti Astronomie is a Haitian astronomy magazine launching project to full fit the objectives of a non-for- profit association (Haitian Astronomical Society) which aims to inform, educate & communicate astronomy to the Haitian population.

Haitian Astronomical Society, founded since 2013, is registered in Haiti (STW-26129) and managed by a Board. The actual President is Dr Rulx Narcisse, an astronomy expert. The editor of the magazine will be Dr Eliode Pierre, a co-Founder of the association and an enthusiastic journalist. The magazine will be structured with many rubriques like Editorial, SHA Activities, Astronomy Actualities, Articles, Ephemerides and Advertisements.

This project has been planned in the 2015-2020 strategic document of this association as a tactic to have younger involved in science, particularly astronomy. It will be the first ever astronomy journal for Haitians in Haiti. It will be written in French and Haitian Creole and being available as printed or electronic version. A CD-Rom (with media, software or other useful files) will be with each number.

A printing company has already been contacted for the execution of the project (God’s Glory Societies) and a contract yet signed on October 7, 2017.

Marketing has already started to obtain subscription for this magazine which will start with a provision for six month. The contract will be re launched at the successful of this project.

This project is the corner stone of our objectives and reaching the young Haitians (in primary and secondary schools & university) will help us in the sustainability of astronomy education. We plan to invite them, under control of our association, to participate in the magazine, too.

Of course the magazine will be sold to ensure the self continuity of the project. But the majority of the authors will be from the association with original astronomy articles and from the web or international astronomy magazines (in such case, authors and reference will be provided.)

  Budget Breakdown

Budget breakdown for 6 month

  Risks and Challenges

For the first time ever, we will have an astronomy magazine edited in Haiti. As pioneer, some difficulties will rise, but our association is pioneer too, doing astronomy education in Haiti since 2013. So we got a lot of experience with local taboos.

And our target for the magazines is mostly students.

One of the biggest challenges will be to generate enough money to continue and renew the project after this six month project even without specific fundraising (or at least not all budget fundraising). 

That why we sell the magazine even if it is a minimalist price.


  • Project Leader: Societe Haitienne d'Astronomie (Non-profit)
  • Location: Bon Repos, Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti
  • Organizer:

    Rulx Narcisse

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Astronomy Monthly Journal

Launching and financing the first ever astronomy magazine in Haiti: "Haiti Astronomie"