A Day of Astronomy in Gaza

by Galileo Teacher Training Program
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Take universe to the students in Gaza by supporting the ‘Gaza Ambassadors of Mars’

  Education, Astronomy

Global for Local is a programme supported by Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) to provide financial aid to small astronomy education and outreach projects that with a little funding can make a huge difference in local communities.


We were contacted by Bisan Humaid from the "Gaza Ambassadors of Mars", an astronomy enthusiast from a group of astronomy amateurs and the Gaza Astronomy Club that together wish to bring astronomy to Gaza students.

Here is their story... by Bisan Humaid


We, the "Gaza Ambassadors of Mars", are a group of astronomy amateurs from the Gaza Astronomy Club, working in society to spread knowledge of science, especially astronomy. We have been working since 2012 as volunteers in astronomy, presenting our events for all people - genres and ages - in society.



Image 1: The group hosting an astronomy event for the public.


The project, Gaza Ambassadors of Mars Trip, consists in a trip to Al-Aqsa University for 50 school students between ages of 8 to13 from the Gaza-Strip, astronomy teachers, and telescopes. During a day, they will be provided with lectures and educational activities, including telescope observations.


This trip is very important for the student here because we need to improve new ways of teaching in Gaza and widen the benefited student and people of Gaza, and to work forward in teaching astronomy. The teachers have volunteered to give the courses that day and Gaza has three telescopes only - only available at the astronomy department at Al-Aqsa University and we want to be able to use them in our project.



Image 2: Astrophysics scientists giving lectures hosted by our team.


We are a group of Gaza that wants to add something to the world's science dissemination. We want to be a part of Astronomy science in our world, and we are ambitious to achieve our goals: starting by making young students look differently at science in general and Astronomy in particular. We feel that Astronomy it is more than just a subject you need to get a high score at - we want them to proceed and become Astronomy researchers and to contribute to the history of Astronomy.



Image 3: Night sky observation for families.

Gaza students are growing up under siege, they know nothing about the world outside. With this project, we aim to change this fact by making the children discover not only the world outside Gaza strip, but also the universe outside our planet. Gaza children are capable of achieving so many things and they proved so in many occasions. They have been through a lot of wars and other difficulties in their lives, and even so, they keep surprising the world by the great things they do every single day. We believe that Gaza youth will love this special day dedicated to astronomy and will add so much to their world. Many children and students are eager to know more and more about astronomy and things outside our world, but they lack the opportunity so we want to create this for them - since we believe in them.

  Budget Breakdown

The donors will be supporting:

- 160$ for transportation. (will need to rent a bus for a day)

- 130$ gifts and certifications. (for the 50 students and the teachers)

- 170$ for meals

- 40$ Stationery materials (paper, prints and other additional material)

In a total amount of 500$ the our team needs to complete the project.

  Risks and Challenges

The project needs teachers, telescopes, places, transportation, stationary items to meet its end. So far we have struggled and managed to have the teachers, telescopes, and places (some of them need an additional fee to entry) - all are available. But to accomplish the project we need the support of the donors.


A Day of Astronomy in Gaza

Take universe to the students in Gaza by supporting the ‘Gaza Ambassadors of Mars’