A day in space

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Help support Polish impoverished primary school children to visit a Space Research Centre.

  Education, Astronomy

Global for Local is a free program supported by Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) to provide aid (at no cost) to small astronomy education and outreach projects that with a little funding can make a huge difference in local struggling communities. 

We were contacted by Jadwiga Moskal, a polish primary school teacher from Jaslo that wishes to take her students to visit the Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences. 

Here is their story.


by Jadwiga Moskal

I am a teacher in Integrated Primary School. Every week about 40 students, aged 6-7 and 8-9 attend my astronomy classes. A few months ago, my students had an opportunity to meet Dr. Tomasz Barciński during a session about the Rosetta mission that I organized in my school. The great majority of children, my students, dream about becoming an astronaut and study space sciences in the future.


Photo I: Children find out what satellites and space vehicles are used for.


Photo II:  They build models of rockets from balloons, cardboard and drinking straws (sippers) and learn how rocket engine works.

With these efforts and other efforts, I hope to encourage my students to pursue careers connected with robotics, both on Earth and in Space sciences. In order to show them the world of science as well for them to acquire experience on how and where to learn it we wish to organize a school trip to Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences. For my students, the greatest benefit and motivation to learn by meeting the people of science who work on projects that my students are interested in. 



Photo III: Students learn about the structure of the Solar System.

In order to present our students a scientist’s profession we need to go to a science centre in Warsaw, but even though the cost for the tickets is covered by children’s parents, we still need support for the transport from our school to the science centre.


  Budget Breakdown

Transport from Jasło to Warsaw: 250 USD
Transport from Warsaw to Jasło: 250 USD       

  Risks and Challenges

One of the main challenges of this is the travel distance between our school, located in Jaslo, and Warsaw that is 380 km away.The main obstacle in organising the trip is the cost of the journey which is too high for children since most of them come from poor families.


A day in space

Help support Polish impoverished primary school children to visit a Space Research Centre.