• 1,284 New Planets

    What Kepler’s Discovery Means for Us


By Stefania Pandolfi Category : Space

The Mystery of What We Don't See

Photo credit above: An artist's view of the Euclid Satellite – © ESA Have you ever looked up to the sky during a beautiful, clear night, and pondered the mysteries of those sparkling wonderful lights? Here’s the good news: there is almost no mystery in what we see. We have an excellent understanding of the physics responsible for all visible matter such as stars. But before you jump from your chair and spread the good tidings, I have even better news: the big mystery is in Read more...


By FP Staff Category : People

The Edge of the Sky with Roberto Trotta

Roberto Trotta (@R_Trotta) is a theoretical astrophysicist at Imperial College London, where his research is about dark matter, dark energy and the early Universe. A passionate science communicator, Roberto is also an STFC Public Engagement Fellow. We have spoken to him about his first book for the public, The Edge of the Sky: All you need to know about the All-There-Is (Basic Books), which was published in September 2014 to great acclaim. Named by Brain Pickings as Read more...


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Dark Matter? There's an App for That

Editor's Note: we interviewed Gianfranco Bertone, author of Dark Matter: Behind the Scenes of the Universe, about his new app now available on Apple's App store. At the end of the post is a link to download the app. Tell Us About Yourself! What Is Your Background And What Are You Doing Now?  I am an Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam and the spokesperson of the new center of excellence in Astroparticle Physics, GRAPPA (which stands for GRavitation and Astroparticle Read more...

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“Fiat Physica shall hand the steering wheel of scientific innovation to the public, allowing them to contribute to science, communication, and discovery directly.”

Szabolcs Marka

Chair of the Education and Public Outreach Committee, LIGO and Associate Professor of Physics, Columbia University
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