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    What Kepler’s Discovery Means for Us


10 New Year’s Revolutions for 2016

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being easily broken and not very scientific. Scientific revolutions are not. Here are 10 scientific revolutions that’ll give you a jumpstart on these popular new year’s resolutions: CREDIT: Theresa Knott, Wikimedia Commons  Lose Weight Losing weight is the top American revolution every year. But why focus on the numbers of a scale when you can focus on gravity? Gravity is a force that pulls two objects together, Read more...


The Top 5 Physics Podcasts

CREDIT: STARTALK RADIO Physics isn’t the easiest scientific discipline to understand, but all of the things that make it complex - abstract concepts, tricky terminology, and constantly-changing facts – also make it fascinating. And all of those things are also perfect for podcasting. While harder to find than general science podcasts, there are podcasts devoted to covering all things physics – often in ways that are more fun than you’d expect. Whether Read more...


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The Edge of the Sky with Roberto Trotta

Roberto Trotta (@R_Trotta) is a theoretical astrophysicist at Imperial College London, where his research is about dark matter, dark energy and the early Universe. A passionate science communicator, Roberto is also an STFC Public Engagement Fellow. We have spoken to him about his first book for the public, The Edge of the Sky: All you need to know about the All-There-Is (Basic Books), which was published in September 2014 to great acclaim. Named by Brain Pickings as Read more...

#MakePhysicsHappen @fiatphysica

“Fiat Physica shall hand the steering wheel of scientific innovation to the public, allowing them to contribute to science, communication, and discovery directly.”

Szabolcs Marka

Chair of the Education and Public Outreach Committee, LIGO and Associate Professor of Physics, Columbia University
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