• 1,284 New Planets

    What Kepler’s Discovery Means for Us


Jennifer Lopez Really Wants to Save the World with Tech

Jennifer Lopez is a tech dynamo.  When she’s not getting cutting-edge technology to the International Space Station, she’s advocating for better technology, access to that technology, and women in STEM. She’s a tech-focused philanthropist with a mission to make the world better through technology. We spoke with her to find out what she’s doing to help educate the public, how she’s helping women in STEM, and why she believes tech is the best tool to save the Read more...


9 Best Female Scientists You Should Know

Quick! Name a female scientist. When pressed, most people name Marie Curie or a Nobel Prize winner or inventor. But a modern, working scientist? That’s harder. It shouldn’t be; since 1993, women have made up 58% of the workforce in bio- and social sciences. Women are doing amazing work in fields as diverse as galactic modeling, genomic medicine, neuromapping, and dark stars. Here are some of the coolest women scientists working today: CREDIT: E.M. Levesque Emily Read more...


Sensory Physics: Making Science Hands-On for Everyone

Physics can be taught in many creative ways. Music can be used to demonstrate sound waves, painting can model the visible color spectrum, dropping pumpkins can show how parabolic trajectory works, while riding roller coasters can illustrate characteristics of potential and kinetic energy (my personal favorite -- thanks, Mr. Doney!). Physics can be taught in almost any way. Not only do these creative methods make physics applicable in real-world settings, but they also tailor the core concepts Read more...


How to Think Like a Physicist (and Win at Life)

Did you know that physics teaches you how to think? More than complex equations and mountains of data, physics is really a workout for your brain. In the same way that brain training games like Sudoku and those created by Lumosity hone your critical thinking skills, physics uses higher-level math and problem sets to do the same. Better yet, says physicist Dr. Deborah Berebichez, critical thinking skills serve you well in all decision-related areas of your life, from grocery shopping to Read more...


7 Pioneers of Science Communication

Science is a tricky thing to explain to the general public. The concepts get bogged down in technical details and theory, and the takeaways are difficult to summarize in bite-sized nuggets -- meaning, it’s hard to make non-scientists care about science because it’s almost un-tweetable. Thankfully, there are science communicators out there who are making it work. The most famous was Carl Sagan, an enormously influential science advocate. In honor of his birthday on November 9, we Read more...


Lauren B. Worley, Press Secretary for the Stars (at NASA)

LAUREN WORLEY. CREDIT: Stephen Gosling When talking to Lauren Worley, it’s hard to get her to stop talking about NASA. That’s partially because she’s a big fan, and partially because she’s responsible for getting their stories out to the press. For almost 4 years Lauren has done everything she can think of to help NASA get the word out about all of their programs, and explain everything they do both on and off our planet in plain English. We sat down with Read more...

#MakePhysicsHappen @fiatphysica

“Fiat Physica shall hand the steering wheel of scientific innovation to the public, allowing them to contribute to science, communication, and discovery directly.”

Szabolcs Marka

Chair of the Education and Public Outreach Committee, LIGO and Associate Professor of Physics, Columbia University
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