• 1,284 New Planets

    What Kepler’s Discovery Means for Us


9 YouTube Channels That'll Make You Smarter

While you can watch a television show to learn something smart, you might not always have the time. With summer approaching and outdoor activities on the horizon, you need to maximize your limited viewing time. Why not spend the summer getting smarter with YouTube? Here are our picks for the 9 smartest channels on YouTube: AsapSCIENCE Need a quick answer to a science question? AsapSCIENCE has it. Calling itself “your weekly dose of fun and interesting science,” creators Mitchell Read more...


7 TV Shows That’ll Make You Smarter

Think all television will rot your brain? Not anymore. We’re in a golden age right now. Shows are smarter than ever, and you don’t have to watch a boring program to learn something. From computer science and chemistry to particle physics and applied mathematics, give your brain a workout with our picks for the 7 smartest shows on television.  Mr. Robot As great as television is now, it still doesn’t understand computers or the internet. The best most shows do is have Read more...


The 10 Best Female Science Fiction Writers

When most people think of science fiction, they imagine spaceships, aliens and distant planets. As a genre, science fiction uses those elements and more to inspire people to be their best. Egalitarian as that idea is, pop culture has relegated science fiction to the domain of men. That’s strange. Especially since the writers who created the genre were women. From groundbreakers and trailblazers to masters of genre elements, here are the 10 best women to ever write science Read more...


Physics: The Force behind Star Wars

With Star Wars fans across the globe eagerly awaiting the newest film in the saga (Episode VII: The Force Awakens), we decided to take an indepth look into the physics explored in the films. Star Wars has long been known for its philosophical and dramatic approach in depicting the universe, but how well does the science stack up compared to the real-world? Here are just a few concepts covered by the film that appear to test the limits of physics: Time travel (Leia and Luke) One key concept in Read more...


7 Movies That Will Make You Appreciate Real Science

Science tends to work differently in movies than in real-life. Heroes can walk away from explosions instead of being killed by the resulting shockwave. Asteroids can be destroyed by untrained miners. Animal testing creates monsters. The egregious misuse of science in the name of entertainment turns science fans off film -- but not when it’s done like this. As a special present from us to you this holiday season, here are 7 movies that let real science shine.  CREDIT: 20TH CENTURY Read more...


The Ultimate Science Geek Gift Guide: 2015

It’s already mid-November, and that means the holiday shopping season has officially begun. But what would make a good gift for the scientist in your life? Don’t worry! Whether that scientist is aspiring or professional, we’ve curated gift suggestions from useful to super special and organized them by scientific discipline. We’re confident you will find at least one awesome gift for the science geek in your life in this guide. Here you go! General Gifts: If Read more...

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Szabolcs Marka

Chair of the Education and Public Outreach Committee, LIGO and Associate Professor of Physics, Columbia University
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