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    What Kepler’s Discovery Means for Us


Apollo 1: Where it all Went Wrong

WARNING:This article contains details of the Apollo 1 tragedy and of the heroes that lost their lives that day. Please read at your own discretion. On this day in 1967, America’s dream to reach the moon was stopped cold. Astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White II, and Roger Chaffee were part of the three man team who lost their lives in a fatal cabin fire during a test launch for the Apollo 1 mission. Sadly, the rehearsal was less than a month out from the official launch date. This Read more...


Why Your Kids Need to Know About Tesla

CREDIT: TESLA COIL DESIGNS Nikola Tesla is an incredibly polarizing figure. A Serbian-American inventor who pioneered alternating electrical current (and famously fought with Thomas Edison over its adoption in America), Tesla was considered both a peerless genius and a showbiz hack in his lifetime. In recent years he’s become the de facto mascot of the Internet, but people still either admire him or hate him. The fact that this one man – one scientist – Read more...


The Man Who Did Discover Pluto

I met Clyde Tombaugh in 1989 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory during the Voyager 2 Neptune encounter. He was 83 at the time, obviously feeling his age, stooped and wizened, but still spry, engaged, and very interested in what was happening at JPL. It felt a little like meeting Yoda. In the years since then, I have enjoyed being able to brag about having met the last man to discover a planet. But now, according to some, Tombaugh didn’t discover a planet after all, and in the meantime, Read more...


How to Contact Aliens

Humans have been trying to contact aliens for almost as long as they’ve been studying the night sky. For more than 2,000 years we've been wondering what aliens look like, sound like, act like, and whether they have arcane, advanced knowledge of the universe. We’ve been trying to contact them to get those secrets for over 200 years, which is longer than we’ve been trying to prove the existence of UFOs. While the first written record of alien life comes from Greek Read more...


Planetary Exploration: The First Half-Century

Credit: Jon Lomberg Imagine that you are standing in front of a television monitor where minutes –seconds!—from now, the first high-resolution images of the surface of another world will appear. It might be a planet, studied for decades or centuries from hundreds of millions of miles away; or it might be a moon, never seen as anything but a single point of light in even the most powerful telescopes. Years of speculation, theorizing, and sheer guesswork are about to give Read more...


The Man Who Didn't Discover Pluto

Although I have spent much of my life working as a science writer, my college major was history, and I even spent a couple of years teaching that subject, long ago when there was less of it. One of the things I enjoy about studying history is that it is chockfull of oddball little coincidences, unexpected connections between people, places, and events. For example, consider this coincidence: as I write this blog about a message to the stars, to be placed aboard a mission to Pluto, I am sitting Read more...

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“Fiat Physica shall hand the steering wheel of scientific innovation to the public, allowing them to contribute to science, communication, and discovery directly.”

Szabolcs Marka

Chair of the Education and Public Outreach Committee, LIGO and Associate Professor of Physics, Columbia University
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