• 1,284 New Planets

    What Kepler’s Discovery Means for Us


How Science Crowdfunding Does More Than Raise Funds for R...

When starting a physics crowdfunding campaign, it’s easy to focus on the money you’ll get out of it. However, science crowdfunding does a lot more than raise funds for research. It’s important to recognize these secondary benefits so you can make the most out of your campaign. Keep the following three benefits of science crowdfunding in mind when raising research funds. It Raises Awareness for Your Cause Physics crowdfunding is largely a marketing activity rather than a Read more...


5 Physics Lessons They Don’t Teach You In Grad School

If you’re an aspiring scientist finishing up grad school, you many not realize the realities of the job marketing and funding situation until you come out of school. Luckily, we’re here to save you the surprise. Instead of learning it all first-hand after graduation, begin preparing now to put yourself at an advantage when seeking jobs and research funding. Here are five things you’ll encounter once you graduate. Your Network Is Important; Start Building It Now Whether Read more...


An Inside Look at the Physics Fundraising Dilemma

It’s no secret that securing funding for physics research is difficult. Part of this is due to decreasing government funding, and that leads to numerous other issues that are putting science at a standstill. Here’s what you need to know about the physics fundraising dilemma. Government Funding Is Decreasing The National Science Foundation shows that in recent years, funding for science has decreased thanks in part to the Budget Control Act of 2011. The act cut government Read more...


How Science Outreach & Education Are Leading in Crowdfunding

Science crowdfunding is one of the many ways to fund your scientific research and education projects. While it can be a viable solution for any scientist, outreach and education tend to have more success with physics crowdfunding. Here are several reasons why outreach and education are leading in science crowdfunding and what researchers and other science professionals can learn from these types of campaigns. They Are Community Oriented One of the advantages outreach and education campaigns Read more...


3 Ways to Fund Your Physics Research That Don't Involve G...

If you’re looking for funding for your latest physics research project, you may have considered applying for government grants. However, did you know there are other avenues you can pursue that don’t involve all the red tape and program monitoring? Whether you’ve had trouble getting approved for a government grant in the past or you’re looking for an alternative source of funding, consider these three other options. Foundation or Corporate Sponsors Foundations are Read more...


How to Crowdfund for Busy Scientists

If you have a big project coming up that you need funding for, you may have considered science crowdfunding. As a busy scientist, however, you probably don’t have the time to set up and run a science fundraising campaign. If you’ve never done it before, it can seem intimidating, but the following three steps can help make your physics crowdfunding campaign less time consuming, less daunting, and less painful. Outline Your Campaign Start by outlining the steps of your campaign. Read more...

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Szabolcs Marka

Chair of the Education and Public Outreach Committee, LIGO and Associate Professor of Physics, Columbia University
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