About Fiat Physica

  • Physics in the Palm of Your Hand

    Physics in the Palm of Your Hand

    Physics has transformed the world; the computer in front of you works because it contains about a billion transistors, each of which functions because quantum mechanics allows electrons to tunnel through energy barriers. Your smartphone contains a Global Positioning System device, sensitive to minute corrections in the Earth's gravitational field only understandable through Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. Many cancers can now be detected early using PET scans, using particle physics to produce a three-dimensional image of your internal organs. Physics has given us higher life expectancy, instantaneous worldwide communication, and more advanced computational power in a lone handheld device than that which landed us on the moon. Through physics, mankind has gained a deeper understanding of nature, and these advancements now form the core of everyday technology. All these inventions rely upon theories which were at one time radical, theoretical, or abstract. However, over time these concepts have become the basis for the technology we rely on each day. Everybody loves physics. Many just don’t realize it yet.

  • The Funding Crisis

    The Funding Crisis

    Funding for physics projects and research has dramatically decreased over the past few years. Despite amazing recent accomplishments - including the Higgs Boson discovery and the detection of gravitational waves from the Big Bang - such fundamental research has been increasingly marginalized. Even support that was already promised to researchers has now been indefinitely delayed. While at first this funding shortfall was believed to be a temporary setback, it now appears to be a long-term disaster. In such a resource-starved environment, traditional funding sources support only the safest research projects, those which will add to existing research paths. The most ambitious, most exciting, and potentially most transformative physics projects are passed over for these safe ones, hindering the very discoveries that will contribute to disruptive advancements in technology. Researchers who have devoted their lives to physics are leaving the field as a result, causing deep expertise in foundational questions to be lost. Meanwhile, educational resources to equip and inspire the next generation to pursue physics and related fields remain scarce.

  • Paving New Paths for Scientific Progress

    Paving New Paths for Scientific Progress

    The Big Bang Theory. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Carl Sagan. Cosmos. Interstellar. Stephen Hawking. Brian Greene. Brian Cox. SpaceX. In contrast to the funding crisis, physics and space exploration are rapidly growing areas of popular interest. Curiosity about our world and the cosmos are fundamental to mankind, and through the pioneering efforts of these advocates and outreach endeavors, individuals are becoming aware of the world of possibilities that physics unlocks. However, the discerning public still finds out about science after it's done and never hears about the science that didn't make the fundraising cut. Fiat Physica is here to change that.

    By flinging open the doors to the lab, Fiat Physica empowers individuals to support the science they want to see happen and get involved on the ground floor. Fiat Physica facilitates incentivized giving through donation match and gift programs from foundation and corporate sponsors, and provides educational materials, events, and community engagement to help scientists, innovators, and educators make the shift to crowd fundraising. Fiat Physica also offers fundraising assisatnce via its partner organizations. A new ecosystem of scientific advancement is born.

    Fiat Physica is changing the way science is done. We #MakePhysicsHappen - you can too.